Ebook Writing – 6 Dangerous Steps to Loads of Cash Writing Ebooks

Do you want to write and sell your eBook without breaking your head?

Here are 6 simple steps that will get you started right now…

Step 1 – Create Your eBook Title.

Step 2 – Create a Punch-Line.

Step 3 – Setup Your eBook Cover.

Step 4 – Your Website Layout and Design.

Step 5 – Solve Problems and Create Fear.

Step 6 – Stunning Salescopy.

Checkout step by step details right here…

Step 1 – Create Your eBook Title.

It is important that you come out with a killer title for your eBook if you want to sell tons of your eBook starting today.

Here are some tips to write down a killer title for your ebook…

Ask questions in your title. You can also load your title with a solution or a benefit that your eBook will solve in your niche.

Create a killer punch line…

Step 2 – Create a Punch-Line.

The punch line of your eBook should focus on frightening your visitors and make them sweat.

If you are successful in getting your visitors frightened they will happily pay you money to make sure that you solve their most pressing problem.

This will make you tons of sales.

If your visitor is suffering from a heavy weight problem you can easily frighten him by saying…

Obese People Are More Prone to Heart Attack, Asthama and Tons of Life-Threatning Disasters. Make Sure You Protect Yourself By Visiting Here…

This will make sure that they will check out your eBook and pay you to solve their problem.

Create a stunning eBook cover…

Step 3 – Setup Your eBook Cover.

If you are not aware, eBook covers can boost your sales conversion rate to a lot extent.

If you don’t believe me get a professional cover designed for your ebook, split test it and check it out yourself.

You will see a dramatic improvement in your CR if you create a stunning and eye catching eBook cover.

Make sure you get down setting up your site…

Step 4 – Your Website Layout and Design.

Your website design should include setting up a simple one page salesletter, nothing more.

And when it comes to graphics, here’s all you need…

1. One header graphic.

2. One background image.

3. One eBook cover.

4. One order button.

5. Few more graphics relating to your product.

Nothing more. Your site should look attractive and simple.

Don’t include eye catchy graphics and flash on your site, this does not sell.

Whatever you do focus on solutions to your customer problems…

Step 5 – Solve Problems and Create Fear.

It is extremely important that you focus on solving problems of your customers throughout your product and your salesletter.

Make them feel that they have found their dream information that will lead them to live a happy and stress free life from now on.

Get down writing a stunning salesletter…

Step 6 – Stunning Salescopy.

It is important that you write a killer salesletter for your ebook.

Your salesletter should completely focus on…

1. Solving problems of your niche.

2. Frightening your visitors with problems.

3. Including benefits in bullet points.

4. Give them few bonus products.

5. Give them guarantee and relieve their risk blocker

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